An event can be experienced in many different ways, but i wonder how many events that is quoted in these words.

Wander in an ocean of ramson, it might actually jump out an Hobbit right here, the view from mount Billingen is stunning,
the scent from the cherrytrees makes my nose vibrate.

With Älska Billingen you will get a different experience.
Take a hike in the cherrytree paradise in the springtime, or a snowshoe hike at Blängsmossen in the wintertime.
Or why not a biketour around Billingen in may with “fika” at a local café and lunch beside a beautiful lake.
Celebrate your 50th birthday at “Ryds grottor” when the snow is just outside the tipi tent!
If you prefer to celebrate your birthday in your own garden, not a problem! I will make an awesome experience i promise.

The meeting in the conference room will be so much more alive when you get out in the forest and listen to the birds singing and the wind blowing in the trees, instead of the annoying projector buzzing.
Depending of the time of year i will take you to my favourite places around mount Billingen.
If you want me to come to you instead, thats not a problem if it makes it easier for you.

I have a really nice tipi tent with a stove if it should be cold outside, and tables, benches, kitchen utility an so on.
There is room for about 24 people sitting on benches in the tipi and that is perfect to make it really nice and cozy.
Outdoor cooking is a much appreciated activity, and it is YOU who is the master chef.
I will make sure that you have everything that is needed, i will plan and organize but it is up to you if you want to eat.
(Of course i can arrange the food for you if you want to enjoy the moment instead)
Meanwhile that you are preparing the ingredients we will enjoy some locally produced cheese from “Almnäs bruk” and “Falköpings mejeri”,
sausages from “Lilla Spännefalla” and finally some really tasty snacks from “Halland”.
Everything is picked with sustainability in mind!
I will sneak around like a weasel and prepare the next step.

Competition is fun sometimes but it is more rewarding to do something together.
Don’t bother about who hits the most strikes on the bowling court, or who drives the fastest lap at the go-cart track.
The thing that you will remember is that you do it together.
But for you who like to win we can make some fun activites with focus on outdoor life.

We have a mission in the company and that is trying to leave as less footprints in the nature as possible.
That could be buying localy produced grocerys, biodegrable napkins, cutlery, cups and waste bags.
The only thing that we leave in the nature is our own footprints!

This makes it much more clear, right?
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Here you will see some of the events that i had last year.