Terrain and health:

It is really important that you read the information that is found in every activity.
There you will find out how long the activity is expected to take and what kind of terrain we are hiking in and estimated severity.
A normally active person can join in all the hikes but there are some that require you to be an experienced hiker, and that can depend on the terrain or the ground or other basis
We trust that you are fully healthy and participation is always at your own risk!
If you have an disease that we should know of it is very important that you tell us before the activity.
Clothing required for the weather is as obvious as proper shoes.
We are always bringing a first aid kit with the most necessary things in all activities.


Sunshine and blue skies is what we always are wishing for, but the weather is something that we can’t do something about.
We will always carry out our booked activities regardless the weather, but of course there is common sense.
If there is a risk for thunder, snowstorm or extreme cold we always make the right decision.
If we cancel an activity because of the above we will refund your full fee, alternatively offer a similar adventure.

How to get to the meeting place:

In all the activities there are a google maps link that will show you the meeting place.
If you can´t get there on your own, please make a comment in the facebook event. 
In some of the activities we usually meet up somewhere and drive to the meeting place together.

Trekking poles:

To all the hikes we offer you to borrow some really nice trekking poles.
They will give you some extra movement on your body and at the same time they will be an extra stability.
There are 12 pc so please do tell in the message if you would like to try.

Rules in the nature:

Of course there are common sense when we are in the nature and we always comply with laws and regulations at the sight.
“Allemansrätt” is what we call our right to be in the nature here in Sweden, but there are nevertheless our duty to take our own responsibility.
What we bring on our adventure, we also take back with us and the only thing we leave is our own footprints.

Dogs are always to be in a leach to make sure that we do not disturb the animals on our way.
The fully responsibility is on you as the owner, please make sure that no one of us is afraid of dogs.

Booking conditions:

What will happen if you need to cancel?

If you cancel within 7 days after booking is made we will refund 75% of the fee.
Cancelation more than 7 days before activity starts we will refund 50% of the fee.
Cancelation less than 7 days before activities starts we will refund 25% of the fee.
If you cancel less than 48 hours before activity starts we will not refund at all.

Events that are booked as a company och private bookings other rules is applied, please contact us for more info.

If you need to make a cancelation because of an emergency either on your self or a close familymember we need a medical certificate.
Then we will make a full refund!

Return policy in Sweden as written in the “distansköplagen”:

On the products that we sell as T-shirts, cups, and hats you have as a Swedish citizen 14 days return right.
Just send us a mail and tell us what you want to do and we will make sure that you will be satisfied.
If you want to change the size we will make it within 14 days return rights.

But the “distansköplagen” is not used when you have made a purchase on a planned hike or similar events.